Big Fun with Mini Cherry PIes

Listen, if you're looking for someone's grandmother's award-winning pie recipe, keep looking. There's no lemon zest or almond extract in this one. In fact, there's only TWO ingredients—which means almost zero clean up. Perhaps they should give this pie an award for that. 


Mini Cherry Pies (makes 4)

What you’ll need:

•  1 package of refrigerated pie crust

•  1 large can of cherry pie filling

•  4 ramekins

•  Cookie sheet

•  Cutting boards for work surfaces

•  Pizza cutter


What to do:

• Preheat oven to 375.

• Cut both circles of dough into ¼ pieces, for 8 pieces.  

•  Have your kids roll each piece into a ball.

•  Let the kids smash down each ball and then help them use the rolling pin until the dough is round and flat.

•  Take a rolled piece of dough and place it in the bottom of the ramekin. Pinching the dough around the top edge. Repeat x3.

•  Have the kids scoop the cherry pie filling into each ramekin until it is full.

•  Using the pizza cutter, cut the remaining round and flat pieces into thick strips (about 6).

•  Criss cross the strips of dough over the cherry pie filing in the ramekins. Pinch dough around the sides so all the dough is sticking together.

•  Place all the ramekins on a cookie sheet (the pies may bubble over, so you can thank me later) and bake at 375 for 40-50 minutes on the center rack. If the top crust begins to get too dark, cover pies with tinfoil.

•  Cool about 1 hour before serving (especially to little ones).

Pro Tip:  Make the day before and keep refrigerated. They also taste great cold!