Movie Review: Don't Breathe

If you're overdue for a date night, this movie might be perfect to bring the two of you back together ... holding on to each other in pure fear for a good hour and a half.

I had the chance to catch a sneak peek of the scary thriller “Don’t Breathe” this week and when my sister bailed on me at the last minute, I made my dear, innocent mom come with me. (Sorry, mom but I was NOT going alone.) Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. This movie is intense.

It’s a story about three punk kids who decide it’d be a really great idea to break into the home of a loner, blind combat veteran and rob him for the small fortune they suspect he’s keeping inside.

Big, BIG mistake. You STUPID kids.

These kids are no match for the blind man on his own turf and as hard as it was to break in, they quickly realize it’s even harder to break out—but they better because the man isn’t fooling around. What unfolds is the most stressful and intense game of hide and seek ever.

But before I get too far into this review it’s only fair that I tell you I only saw half this movie. That’s because I had at least one eye covered the entire time. The suspense and surprises had me scrunched into a ball in my seat, holding my mom’s hand, grabbing onto the armrests, biting my shirt, you name it — I was a wreck. And I wasn’t alone. This crazy cat and mouse chase had the entire audience on the edge of our seats and when we weren’t holding our breath, we were screaming out loud as the movie shocked us with one blind twist (pun intended) after another.

If you like thrillers, listen up: You WILL get your money’s worth on this one. My mom, who claimed it was a movie and a half, summed it up best as we were walking out of the theater, “I was so tense during that movie I need a massage now.” I think she’d really appreciate it if our next mother-daughter outing was more in the spa-day category. (I owe you, Mom.)

Pro Tip:  Go with someone you know really well because you will be holding on to them throughout the entire movie. (That alone makes it a great choice for date night.)

Don’t Breathe opens today (Aug. 26) is rated R and runs 1 hour and 28 minutes.