Strawberry fields forever

Let me take you down, ‘cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real. And nothing to get hung about. Strawberry Fields forever…

Let me tell you, The Beatles knew what they were talking about. Over the weekend, my family ventured out to the strawberry fields at Gieringer’s Orchard in Edgerton, Kansas and it was a magical, dreamy place. I really could have stayed there forever.

Located in Edgerton, Kansas (south of Gardner), it was a bit of a hike but worth every mile. I knew we were going to love it when we pulled up and saw a guy wearing a Strawberry costume greeting guests and passing out strawberry stickers to the kids.

It was a gorgeous day and lots of people had the same idea to pick strawberries, but the orchard is so big it didn’t feel even a bit crowded. We had an entire row to ourselves (more if we wanted) and there were lots and lots of beautiful, red juicy strawberries perfect for picking. We were having so much fun we had to force ourselves to stop before our haul became so large that we’d be stuck eating nothing but strawberries for the next two weeks.

After picking we stayed a bit to enjoy the fruits of our labor (literally), ate lunch (pack your own) and the kids enjoyed the play area which includes a large stack of hay bales and a wooden tractor to climb on.

Strawberries are $2.75/lb., or $2.50/lb. if you buy 20 pounds or more. Obviously supplies are limited so check the hours, location and inventory info before you go at Gieringer’s Orchard Facebook page.

Pro Tips:

• If you have really little ones, bring a blanket so they can sit in the strawberry fields while you pick. (Completely not necessary for kids ages 2+ who will spend their time happily wandering up and down the rows of strawberries.)

• Bring small buckets or lightweight 9x12 pans for your kids to carry the berries they pick. The orchard provides large, shallow cardboard boxes for your bounty but they can be awkward (and get heavy) for your little ones.

• Pick first, play later. Head straight to the fields and then after picking let your kids use up any extra energy in the play area. You don’t want them to lose steam before you’ve collected your haul.

• Pack your own food and drinks. There are shaded picnic tables but they don’t sell food. Bottled water is available for $1.00.

• If you aren’t planning on freezing your strawberries you’ll have about four or five days to use them while they are at their best. So depending on how many pounds you pick, you might need to get creative. Strawberry margaritas, anyone?