Nature scavenger hunt

I recently put together a Nature Scavenger Hunt for my daughter’s Daisy troop. It’s the perfect outdoor activity that you can do with any size group of children, big or small. Here are tips on how to create your own Nature Scavenger Hunt with your little explorers.

• Before venturing out, ask your kids to help create the list. Here are some ideas:




Bird’s nest





Animal tracks





Mystery Treasure (our group found an Army man toy and a broken shoelace)

• Decide as a group which items should be collected and which ones shouldn’t be disturbed. Talk about why some things in nature should be left alone.

• If you’ve got kids who can’t read yet, add clip art to your list to help them remember what’s on it or pair them up with an older child who can read.

• If you’ve got a smaller group you can add to the fun by having the kids work together as one big group, using your phone to take pictures of everything they find on their list.

• Once everyone has returned with their lists checked off (or close), line up everyone’s collections and discuss the differences. Ex. Who found the biggest leaf?

A Nature Scavenger Hunt is a great excuse to get outside, get some exercise and take the time to stop and smell the roses this spring … although we never found any of those.

Have fun!