Movie Review: Jason Bourne

When I was invited to preview the new Jason Bourne movie I knew had to take the future Mrs. Jason Bourne with me (my Bourne-obsessed sister, Mandy). Yes, I’m a great sister, but I selfishly wanted her on hand to remind me about the storylines of the previous Bourne movies. Believe it or not, the last Matt-Damon Bourne movie was released 9 years ago, so I was definitely fuzzy on details.

BUT, instead of doing my homework and quizzing her before the movie, we spent our time chatting about everything BUT the series, so I went in nearly cold. The good news? It didn’t matter. This movie, while tied to the others, stands on its own and there is no need to do your homework on the previous movies because you’ll be caught up in the first ten minutes. (Although binge watching the Bourne trilogy this weekend doesn’t exactly sound like punishment.)

Anyway, here’s my scoop on the new one:

Jason Bourne is back. Not that imposter Aaron Cross (aka Jeremy Renner), the real-deal, beautiful Matt Damon version. This time he’s living off the grid and trying to survive by keeping a low profile and hiding from the CIA. His old colleague Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) tracks him down and shares files that prove the new head of the CIA (Tommy Lee Jones) has a sinister plan in motion to further corrupt the agency from the inside out. This information is enough to pull Bourne out of his “retirement” and from there the movie immediately shifts into 5th gear and goes full throttle until the very end.

If you liked the original Bourne trilogy (by sister bond I’m not allowed to count that last, unnamed fourth one), you won’t be disappointed in this high-energy, fast-paced, stunt-packed new one.

In addition to several intense chase scenes including one with a SWAT van on the Vegas strip, the movie was also filled with all kinds software and tracking gadgets that made the U.S. government look like the Jetsons on crack.

That said, the quote of the night goes to my sister:  “If you think the government can do any of those things they were doing in the movie, just remember they couldn’t even figure out how to hack a guy’s 4-digit iPhone passcode.”

Annnnnnnnnd with that we’re back to real 2016 where 90% of chip readers on credit card machines still aren’t working.

 I digress.

There’s a rumor going around that Matt Damon made one million dollars for every line in this movie. (Spoiler Alert: He doesn’t have very many lines.) But I say he was worth every penny. If you like lots of action, crazy-expensive stunts and suspending your beliefs about what the human body can endure, then this is your movie. Every summer has its blockbuster and this one is it.


Jason Bourne opens today, Friday (7/29).


Running time:  2 hour