A Hands-on Thanksgiving Craft for the Entire Family

I really love fall but I really do not like the end of daylight savings time. Getting home from work and school when it’s already dark is so depressing and really limits our options for evening activities since we’re stuck indoors. This week we played a board game, brought up a box of band instruments (I’ve had smarter ideas) and did a cute little family craft to add to our Thanksgiving decorations.


These handprint turkeys are a quick and easy and reminder that “family” is high on the thankful list.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Construction paper in fall colors (one sheet for each member of your family)




Googly eyes (optional)


Here’s what you do:

1. Have everyone in your family select their favorite color paper

2. Help everyone trace one hand.


3. Help everyone cut out their traced hand.

4. Have the kids order the hands largest to smallest.

5. Glue each hand on top of each other, the largest hand should be on the bottom and the

smallest hand should be on the top

6. Add a gobble chin thing (what are those called) on your turkey and an eye.

7. Just so there’s no guessing down the road, be sure to write the year on the back.